Hello everyone!

School started again.  Can you believe it? 🙁 Summer went so fast it didn’t even feel like 7 weeks! So yes, it has been almost a month of school and i am in second year. It is alot harder than i thought, well kind of. I did choose the subjects i wanted , [i still regret picking some of them]! I have been looking at all the posts that have been left and i have really enjoyed reading them. 

I heard Miss Law has left :(. She was a fab teacher and i hope she does well in the future!

I have ALOT of homework to do, but instead i am on the computer haha.

It’s the month of ramamadan at the moment and for all of you who don’t know what that means, i’ll tell you! It’s a month where muslims fast, meaning they do not eat. They wake up every morning for a month really early in the morning before sun rise and eat and it HAS to be before sunrise, every minute counts in Ramadan! And when it is sunrise they do not eat at all till sunset. Believe me, it is not that hard and you really do get used to it. The reason why we do it is because we take everything for granted, like we get what we want when we want it and we don’t really take much notice for the less fortunate around us so really it makes you feel good that you are feeling the same way as them. It is also really sad as it makes you think, people that starve put up with this everyday, longer than we do!

After Ramadan we have Eid which is our sort-of christmas. We do have presents but it’s not really about that [ok maybe just an eeny weeny bit!] but it’s about spending time with family really.

So i’ll try to keep in touch more often and use my blog more.


Byeee! :D:D


Wow, this feels so weird. Hello everyone! I thought i would go on my blog just for old times sake and because Nina said that Mrs Vass resetted our password so we can all go on. Thanks Mrs Vass!

High school has been SOOO weird. It’s like i have been there all my life and not been to primary school once, but i have not forgotten primary school, I MISS IT SO MUCH. We have been doing all sorts of stuff and we have had sooo much .. drama? I think that is the word for it. It has been so BIZZARE. I have just chosen my subjects before the easter holidays. It was kind of depressing. hehe 🙂

OOh yeah, we heard Mrs Vass got a new computing job, we knew you would get it Mrs Vass! When we were at primary school we knew you had a love for computer :).

Anyway i better go.

I have this English Essay for school, can you believe it? I don’t believe homework over the holidays. 🙁



I can’t believe i will be starting high school in less than 5 weeks!! I can’t wait! Though i am really upset Mrs Vass isn’t going to be at Carronshore anymore. I am going to really miss Mrs Vass and Miss Law. Though hopefully ill be able to see Miss Law on my little brothers parents night, hes not in her class but i’ll pop round to her class.

High school is sooo scary. Well, they tell you it isn’t so why am i shaking like crazy? I can’t wait to meet new people and do new lessons.

I promise i will definetly absolutely positively write back on my first day… maybe not on my first day but as soon as possible!


P.S I wrote it in light blue because i think thats quite a sad colour. My mood.

Last Day Of Carronshore Primary :O

Our last day of school :(. I can’t believe its already the summer holidays. I AM GOING TO MISS CARRONSHORE SOOO MUCH.

Everyone was in tears. Well, i wasn’t but i was really upset. We had come in school and started to get our t-shirts signed from everyone. It was really sad. Then we had went outside for breaktime and then we came back in and played with our toys we brought from home or helped Mrs Vass get everything set up for our leaving Ceremony. We were all waiting tensley and when the time came for the leaving ceremony all the girls were trying to hold back their tears. When we got called we went into the hall. Everyone was clapping which was quite emmbarrasing really. We sat in alphabetical order. Mrs Livingstone, Our head teacher, introduced the assembly and then we sang a song. Then after the song Mrs Vass showed them a few messages some pupils had said and then showed them the pictures of our leaving primary 7 party and some from our trips we had went to in the past. Mrs Livingstone then called out the people who got a book which was ME aswell! It was scary going infront of everyone. I had gotten a ring-binded one aswell but at the end i had gotten the proper book. I kept blushing. AGHH! Then we sang another song and then she started too give out dictionaries. Then she gave out the awards. There was an I.C.T award and i thought it would be someone else who would of got it. BUT IT WAS ME! and Lewis from the other class. ME! I could hardly believe it. I walked up on the stage with trembling legs and then took my prize. I had a gift card aswell which had £10 in it for WHSmith. I was really happy but when we had too go home i wasn’t. I said goodbye to all the teachers i knew and when the bell ran everyone screamed of excitement and rushed out the school.

I will maybe sometimes visit Carronshore Primary School. Next agenda: HIGH SCHOOL!

What I Will Miss About Carronshore

I just can’t believe its almost the summer holidays!! I can’t wait till i am in first year aswell. Well, i am not that excited because i am scared i might get lost when i am trying too find my subjects. We have prefects for the first week too show you too your classes so i won’t entirely be lost. I can’t wait till i also meet new people and get too do subjects that i have never done before.

The thing i will most about Carronshore is all the people in lower primary classes and all the teachers that were really nice too me. I will definitely maybe cry on the leaving ceremony and i bet half the class will aswell. I will really really really miss Carronshore.

Everyone has gotten their picture taken and made into a yearbook CD. We had also taken a class photo and that went in the falkirk herald newspaper. On friday, our last day before the leaving ceremony assembly we are aloud too get our t-shirts signed by the other pupils in the school. I will get myne signed aswell :).

We were the youngest in primary school and now we are finally the oldest and the more maturest but now we are in High school and we are back too the youngest agian and there are all kinds of people who are much taller and tuffer than you.

I promise when i get up too high school i will still write back and tell you what we are doing. I’ll write back on the first day of high school. BYE!!!!!! 🙂


My favourite thing ever

My favourite thing ever is English. I love reading and writing. They are the only two things that are important too me. I have been writing quite alot of posts about reading and writing, well i just love writing and stuff.

I love books that are adventurous and exciting. My favourite all time author will have too be Jacqueline Wilson and my favourite book she has ever wrote will have too be The Illustrated Mum & Kiss. They are really good books and i enjoy reading them. My favourite second author is Narinder Dhami. She writes great books and i have read all the ones that she has wrote.

My friend  Mareeha had entered a book competition this year and had wrote a really long book. Over 1,000 people had wrote a book aswell but my friend Mareeha had worked extremly hard and she came 2nd place! Her dad was really proud of her. She was really happy and her book will be published next year! I want too enter that competition because it my make me have more ideas about writing. When i get too high school i was hoping too ask my English teacher for advice for getting really good ideas.

I can’t wait till i actaully get too get a chance too write stories and get them published…

High School Induction Days

I told you I would write back and tell you all about the three day visit :).

10th June- Today was my birthday! I was really excited in the morning and woke up jumping up and down on my bed happily. I shoved on my school clothes. We had too wear our primary school uniform because the rector wanted too recognize all the schools. My sister had done my hair and make-up for me but she got really narked when I kept smuding my eyes. Then eventaully she got it right. My Mum came in and gave me a hug and said Happy Birthday. So did my little brothers, well my little brother Bilal’s birthday present was a punch but the bruise will bring back memories. Then about ten past my Mum took me and my sister too school. I was shaking in the back seat. My Mum gave me £2.50 for my dinner money. Then when we eventually got there I stepped out the car not knowing which way too go then I saw some other people walking by that were in my class so I just followed them. Then when everyone else came we all started chatting. Chloe and Jaydean had gotten me birthday presents which was really nice of them. Jaydean had gotten me make-up and a card and little teddybear. Chloe had gotten me these goggle thingies that make you go too sleep and a suga babes poset and a card. Thank you guys :). Then eventaully Miss Keane and Mrs Vass vame along with the white booklets and we got them and went inside the school. We had too go in the assembly hall where Mrs Buchan came in, (The head of Skye), and then she started talking about stuff and then the rector came in and we had too stand up. Then we sat back down and then he started too talk and told us there was no such thing about people getting their head flushed in the toilet and that rumour had been going on for hundreds of years. He was right aswell because nothing happened. Then ur prefects took us too our first lesson which was CPD. Craft and design technology. The teacher talked and then showed us all the other Craft and Design rooms. Then our prefects took us too the assembly hall and they gave out juice and crisps. My tummy was sore so I never ate much. Then we had too get our prefects too take us to our next lesson which was Science. We went inside and our teacher showed us what too do. It was putting gas in this tube thing and light it up and it makes a flame. It was really intresting and we had alot of fun. The weird bit was putting on goggles, they made you look like a fish. HA! Then our prefects took us back too the assembly hall where Mrs Buchan gave out our young scot card. She gave us a dire warning if we lost it. When we had gotten our cards everyone rushed too put money on them. The line was huge so I went too the hub too put my money on and then I went too the max and had got a pasta king with tamato sauce and 5 alive blackurrant. I sat in the hub and ate there. When I had finished I hanged around with my friends and then when the bell rang we went back too the assembly hall where Mrs Buchan was. She said that we would be doing activities. Lewis, Harris and Skye were split up and went too different activites. The first one Lewis had was a ”fashion show”. It wasn’t a real fashion show it was just showing you what the appropiorate thing too wear. Then we swapped over and Lewis went too and Eco school ting and showed you a documentary thing about being eco and then we swapped over agian and our next thing was Games activities in the gym hall. I had a really sore tummy so i had too tell a teacher and they took me too the nurse. They were two girls and they were really nice and kept me company and at ten past three we had too go back too the assembly hall. It was really embarrassing because everyone was sitting there and when I came through the doors some people stared at me. AUGH! Mrs Buchan came and talked too us and then eventaully she let us go home. Phew! When I got home my Dad had gotten me a laptop 🙂 and Ainsley came over with chocolate and a card. Thanks Ainsley and Dad!

11th June- I woke up in the morning and got ready agian and then my sister did my hair and we went too school about ten past eight. I was really tired but I was glad i didn’t have a sore tummy. Then when we got there I saw everyone else at the statue so I walked over too them and talked. Then the bell went and we had too go in the assembly hall and sit down. Then Mrs Buchan came too the stage and said this would be a very busy day. My first lesson was P.E. Our prefects took us too the hall where our P.E teacher told us what we ould be doing when we are back at the school in first year. Then he told us too go get changed and he showed us where the changing rooms were. It was really embarrassing getting changed infront of everyone. Then everyone went outside too do P.E. We were doing soft ball and it looked quite easy. We were playing agianst another class but my class batted first. I was rubbish at batting and was out quickly. Then when we swapped over i was still rubbish. Then we had too go back inside and get changed. Then our prefects took us too our next lesson which was Home Economics. We sat down around a table and our Home Economics teacher showed us how too make fruit cakes. When they were ready they smelled great! She gave everyone one as we went out the class. Then our prefects took us back too the assembly hall and we went outside for break. I hanged around with my friends and when the bell rang we came back inside. Then we followed our prefects too our next lesson which was Art. We sat down and our Art teacher took the register and then she told us too take a pencil out. She told us we would be going too another class for Art where the other teacher would show us Art stuff. We went too the other class and everyone gathered round the table but I coudn’t see. It didn’t really matter because I had a really sore tummy and evetaully I told another teacher. She told me too wait till we were back in the class and when we were back she marked me in her register ill. A teacher took me too the nurse and then the nurse phoned my Mum. The teacher went and got my school bag and stuff. Then eventaully my Mum came too collect me.

12th June- I woke up like usual and got changed and blah dee blah. I had took some medicine before I went and took more in my bag just incase. Then my Mum dropped me off and then I hanged around with my friends and then we went inside for the first bell. Then Mrs Buchan talked and then other teachers talked and then our prefects took us too our first lesson. Home Economics. Our teacher had told us we were late so we never had enough time too cook so we just played games fo the whole lesson which was still fun. Then we had followed our prefects too our next lesson which was Maths. Our teacher told us too sit down and he gave us Maths cross words and word searches and stuff and he gave us colouring sheets. Then we had too follow our prefects back too the assembly hall and we went outside for our break. I had tooken my medicine at break by asking Mrs Buchan. Then we had too go back in the assembly hall when the bell rang and our prefects took us for our next lesson which was English. We sat down and waited for our teacher and when she came in she talked about what we would be doing in first year. Then she gave us jotters and we had too write our names and what school we had went too and a bit about us or what we were up too or where we would be going in our holidays. Then our prefects took us too our next lesson which was our last lesson, History. We went inside our classreoom and then our teacher came in and moved us too another classroom and we sat down. She talked about World War II Which was quite easy because we had already did that. Then she told us questions and we had too write down the answers. Then our prefects came and took us too the assmebly hall and then from there we had went too lunch. I had gotten a bagguette and 5 Alive blackurrant. I ate the bagguette which was great! Then I had gotten a slush puppy and went outside and hanged around with my friends. Then when the bell rang we had too go back inside. Our last lessons were activities. Lewis stayed in the hall and saw a drama act on bullying then we had swapped over too a hall where they showed us stuff about TALENT. Then we sawpped over too our last one which was Games Hall activities. Then we went back too the hall and Mrs Buchan said that she was excited about seeing us in August and then we went home.

I can’t wait till we start high school!

What Im Looking Forward For At LHS

I can’t believe we have finished primary school already! Its a bit quick. Well we still have a couple of weeks left of school but it doesn’t feel like it. We are finally the oldest in Primary school but now we will be back to the youngest in high school. That’ll be a bit hard. I’m looking forward too all the new lessons there and all the new

I’m looking foward too all the new lessons and making new friends and stuff. I just cab’t wait for tommorow. Though i have been having trouble thinking on what i should take to Larbert High School. I thought i might just take my pencil case, my Larbert High School prospectus book and the little white book we had gotten that says all the form teachers and stuff.

It’s also my brithday tomorrow :D! I can’t wait for that too. Chloe and Jaydean and Ainsley are getting me presents and thats really nice of them! Though i’ll have to carry them wherever i go! Oh well. Its worth it.

I’ll be writing back saying what we had been doing. Bye!

What We Have Been Up Too

We have been doing lots and lots of things recently. Its been really exciting. The first thing we had done was make an imaginary person. We made them be in Carronshore Primary School and we made there profile like, what colour of hair and eyes they would have. Then you had to write all about them like what there name would be and how many brothers and sisters they would have. It was alot of fun!

Then Mrs Vass had wrote a book on Blogging and she had got it binded at the book binders and the book binder people had said she could bring 3 or 4 pupils that had made up a story and they could get it made into a book! It was really exciting hearing about it so i started to write a story right away. It took me quite a while but im proud of it.

Then we had this I.C.T competition which is where you have to make up a powerpoint or something which is based on the enviorement like how we can change things like picking up litter and saving electricity and the winner would win £4,500!! Wow thats only the first prize. There is a winner for Scotland and One winner from England and One from Wales and One from Ireland.

Theres loads of other things happening aswell but tomorrow, the 6th of June, friday we are going to Grangemouth stadium where all the pupils who are going to start 1st year come and do some sports. They got told what they got to do. There was Football, Rugby, Table Tennis, Swimming, Basketball and all kinds of other ones. I had gotten Basketball, is what i wanted so im lucky!!, we are leaving tomorrow at 9:00am and then we will be done about 4:00pm.

Then next tuesday we are going to high school! I can’t wait and its on my birthdday. Aghhh! Oh well, it can’t be that bad. I promise i’ll write back when we have finished our first day at Larbert high school and i will tell you all about it! Bye.

Yesterday At The I.C.T Blogging Class

Yesterday Me,Anna,Sophie,Darcie,Rebecca and Ainsley had went to this place in Camelon to teach teachers who to use blogs.It was really fun! Though it was a little weird teaching teachers.But anyway it was still fun.First we had went to the little café place.We had a scone,some biscuits and tea.The scones rocked!We got to put jam on them or butter.The tea was REALLY hot and my tongue went firey red.Aghhh!Then we had went back upstairs and we waited for all the teachers to come.Then when they had all came we started our presantations.Anna and Sophie went first.Then me and Darcie but we had sort of made a muck up of it!Then after we had went around helping the teachers.THAT WAS THE WEIRD BIT! I’ve never helped a teacher and it was a bit emmbarrasing going up to them and saying, ”Do you need any help?”I had helped a few people but the computers there are a bit slow and they keep canceling things so it was a bit hard.Then after the teachers had went back and we got everything back in Mrs Vass’s Car.Mrs Brown had took some people and dropped them off at there homes.Mrs Vass took me,Anna,Rebecca and Darcie.It was really funny!I can’t wait till next week if we are going back!